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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

AZ Leaning Right for now

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Though Arizona continues to lean right for this next presidential election, times are changing in the Grand Canyon State. The GOP faces the reality of a growing Latino population and the challenge of trying to attract them to the polls. The Democrats lead the Republicans in Latino votes by a 2 to 1 ratio. However, Arizona, home of the former presidential candidate John McCain, will mostly still lean right for this next election cycle. Arizona was off limits to the Obama campaign last election season. Experts say Arizona is an unlikely pick up for Obama, even despite the large number of Latinos registering to vote this year.

The Obama campaign believes they can turn the Grand Canyon State blue this election season, now that John McCain is no longer the challenging candidate and due to the surging Latino demographic. However, the polls say differently. The Real Clear Politics polls have Governor Romney with a 10 point lead over President Obama this September. But Latino vote could be the deciding factor to this presidential race in Arizona and Obama must figure out a way to get them to not just to register, but actually to the polls. The Obama campaign said that they never actually marked Arizona as a battleground state, but Arizona still remains an “interesting prospect” this election season. Real Clear Politics just wrote an interesting article about the current status of Arizona in the 2012 presidental election. Make sure to check out this RCP Arizona Election 2012 article.


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