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Romney Retooled: Restore Our Future Fights Back

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This morning, Politico Playbook reported a massive ad buy in key swing states has occurred thanks to the Romney Super PAC Restore Our Future. The ad buy, a reported 2.2 million, will be for two targeted states- Michigan and Wisconsin. 

One ad in particular has already been released. Many more are expected to follow. 

This ad buy comes amid controversy. The Romney team has vowed a sharper campaign but have had a harder time tightening their message than originally thought. Within the last 24 hours the camp had to deal with the 47 percent comment, Chinese trade policy, and scathing reports that the campaign is simply not working

For Romney’s sake, lets hope that this Super PAC will be able to convey the clear message that has eluded him for the entire campaign. Until Romney’s camp can pull together to finish out the general election it looks as if we can expect to see much more Super PAC intervention. After all, they have the money and the ability. But, what will be interesting to see is how the people of Wisconsin and Michigan react to the negative advertisements that Restore Our Future will be putting on the airwaves. But, its safe to say at this point, Romney might need all the help he can get. 



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