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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Wisconsin Becoming More and More Vital to the Election

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Both Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama are beginning to put more efforts into the Badger State as election day quickly approaches. According to Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News, a poll of likely Wisconsin voters shows Obama leading Romney 51% to 45% among likely voters.

This 6-point difference is either likely to widen or narrow this coming week depending on how the public responds to advertising done by the candidates and outside groups, and also how voters respond to Romney’s defense of the recent leaked video of him speaking against those not paying federal income taxes.

This week both VP candidates appeared in Wisconsin, Biden in Eau Claire at a campaign event at the University of Wisconsin and Ryan in De Pere at a campaign event at Cornerstone Community Ice Center. As campaigning heats up in the state, both Republican and Democratic parties are creating more of a presence. 

The Wisconsin State Journal announced that Obama is scheduled to speak to supporters at the Summerfest grounds during a campaign stop in Milwaukee on Saturday. Meanwhile, the Pro-Romney Super PAC (Restore Our Future) takes the ad offensive in Wisconsin and Michigan, spending $2.2 million on ad time for the week. Their newest ad, “Disappearing,” is aiming at attacking the unemployment rate.

Although Romney is appealing to the Independents in this state, I believe that unless he can begin to resonate with the female voters and build a personal connection and an empathetic appeal with his audience, I don’t think he can turn around the polls. Obama is holding a lead in the state despite the unemployment rate of 7.3% because he has built a connection with the voters. If Romney can win Wisconsin, he will really show his ability to fight on Mr. Obama’s terrain in the Midwest and expand the battleground map.


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