Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Michigan, by the District

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The media blitz that the Restore Our Future  super PAC has implemented in Michigan might not be working. The FiveThirtyEight blog has forecasted that there is a 96 percent chance that President Obama will be winning Michigan. 

Not good for Romney. Not good at all. 

 However, in a  different election, things are substantially more red. In the Michigan House race the Detroit Free press released a district by district forecast yesterday. This forecast shows that of the 14 congressional districts, only 5 are leaning or safely democratic. 

As mentioned before, there are two different Michigans at play when it comes to the electorate. The federal election sees the heavily unionized voter turnout, whereas in the House races, major cities are separated from the more rural areas. Ergo, a much more republican vote. 

As for the presidential election, it seems that if Romney’s “new campaign” doesn’t catch on, this state might just leave him behind. 


Author: savvystephens

A history major trying to find out what the lessons of life are.

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