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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Obama tries to win Wisconsin

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Saturday, Obama came to Wisconsin in attempt to rally up supporters and hold the lead he’s had in the polls.  According to a local newspaper, Obama made many stops, from a fundraiser at the Milwaukee Theatre to a rally at the Summerfest grounds. He spoke of familiar themes of unity and working on behalf of all Americans, even those who don’t vote for him, while also leveling criticism at Republican rival Mitt Romney.

Obama has been leading in the polls here, but Republicans claim not to be worried. They acknowledge that Obama has been leading in the polls, but say that it is still a result of the Democratic National Convention bounce. This is still the state that was home to the 2010 electoral wave that resulted in Republicans winning the governor’s mansion, a Senate seat, two Democratic-held House districts and both chambers of the state Legislature.


Republicans seem overconfident about their chances in the state since all the polls tell another story. They are saying that the reason Obama is spending so much time here is because he is in fact worried about losing the state. I predict the race to be closer than the polls are forecasting now, but unless a major change happens in the state, I see it leaning Obama. 


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