Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Political Ads in the Tar Heel State

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An Obama ad entitled “Fair Share” attacks Romney’s remarks on the 47% went and on the air in eight swing states including North Carolina. The ad also touches on Romney’s recently released tax returns.

The pro-business organization Americans for Job Security is answering back by putting out an ad campaign that attacks Obama’s control of the economy, entitled “Running,” in six states including North Carolina. 

Both ads are targeted to the middle class; Obama’s shows a firefighter, policeman, and a teacher, while the AJS’s depicts a woman jogging with a stroller and commenting on how her husband has been layed off twice. 

The struggling economy is a fixture of this year’s election and should be expected as a point of negative ads.  However, it is interesting to note how the Obama campaign is using Romney as a person more as an attack point than his policies, whereas Romney and the AJS shed more light on statistics of the last four years under the Obama administration.

What could ads like this mean for North Carolina as a swing state? My prediction is not too much. It is necessary for Romney to push a little harder in the state, as he is now lagging behind Obama at about one percentage point.  Romney needs North Carolina badly in order to win the White House, especially as a traditionally Republican state.  Obama is doing all he can to ensure another repeat of 2008 in North Carolina—the First Lady spoke in the state recently and Vice President Joe Biden is to campaign in Charlotte next Tuesday.


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