Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

And So It Begins…

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Early voting began today in Iowa, and this could be the beginning of Romney’s end.

Over the past few weeks, Obama has been enjoying a small surge of popularity while Romney has been experiencing the opposite. For weeks commentators and strategists have been saying that the republicans need to turn their game around before it’s too late. With votes now being cast, the reality of the election is sinking in, and that window of time before “too late” happens is slowly sliding shut.

The most recent polls show Obama having a huge spike in popularity in Iowa, which just a few weeks ago was within Romney’s grasp. With the first votes rolling in, things are looking up for Obama. As of Wednesday, democratic absentee ballots outnumber republican one roughly five to one.

Although Iowa may only be worth 6 points, Romney can’t afford to give Obama any extra ground in this race. Obama has tightened the noose around Romney’s neck, giving him little room to breath.

The race is far from over, but at this rate Romney is going to need to pull a Houdini to take the election. His best chance (and maybe his only chance)  is to walk away from the first debate on October 3rd with a colossal victory.

Romney and Ryan kicked off their campaign by calling themselves “America’s Comeback Team.” It’s the fourth quarter.Time to see if their name holds true.


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