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Arizona Mayor on Food Stamps

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Arizona Mayor on Food Stamps picture from My Fox Phoenix

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton (D) tries an experiment by living off a food stamps budget for a week. As part of Hunger Awareness Month, Mayor Greg Stanton wanted to understand the lifestyle of how the 1.1 million Arizona citizens live off food stamps.

Stanton, a Democrat, lived off of a budget of about  $29 per week for one person, which is about just $4.16 to buy food per day. The Phoenix Mayor said he lost about 4 pounds and was not able to meet a nutritional diet. His diet consisted of ramen, pasta, and coffee.

“This is a terrible economy, a lot of people are living on food stamps that before were solidly middle class,” Mayor Stanton told My Fox Phoenix. “There are a lot who have a job but are significantly underemployed than what they’re used to.”

Find out more about this story and watch the videos on My Fox Phoenix and the Huffington Post.

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