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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

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Money Is Everything: Two Florida Races on the Top Ten Lists for Congressional Spending

As we well know, money is power when it comes to politics and winning campaigns.  Hence the reason we see the spending cap being pushed higher and higher with each passing election.  This year has fallen directly in line with that trend, as the Center for Responsive Politics is predicting total election spending to reach $5.8 billion.

Although the majority of this money will obviously be spent on the presidential race, a large portion of this year’s monumental spending has come out of the Congressional races.  House and Senate spending is estimated to reach around $1.82 billion, with $1.1 billion of that being spent on House races alone.

Among the most expensive Congressional races in the country are those for Florida’s 18th District between Allen West and Patrick Murphy, as well as the Florida Senate race between Bill Nelson and Connie Mack.   Continue reading


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Mitt Romney Has A Secret Weapon Too

Last week the talk on the campaign trail in Nevada was Harry Reid’s mobilization of his political machine in support of President Obama’s reelection campaign. That message was clearly heard by the Romney campaign as now Mitt Romney too has unveiled a secret weapon in the state. Romney’s timing could not be better as, there is less than a week to go until Election Day, just three days away from the close of the early voting period in Nevada and the polls for the state are the closest they have been at any time during the campaign (RealClearPolitics shows Obama with just a 1 point lead).  Keep reading to learn whom this secret weapon is and how he could reshape Romney’s campaign in Nevada. Continue reading

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The Other Race in Nevada

With all eyes on Nevada as a battleground state for this year’s Presidential Election many are forgetting to follow a second crucial political contest currently happening in the state. This race is the United States Senate Election between Republican Dean Heller and Democrat Shelley Berkley. Just like the Presidential Election in the state, this has been a close race filled with ups and downs and changing polls daily. Below is a list of the top 12 facts you need to know about this year’s Nevada senate race. Continue reading

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Polling Firm, Mason Dixon, Pulls Out of Florida– Calls It A Definite Romney Victory

Three new polls came out yesterday that once again called Florida a clear toss-up, suggesting that Barack Obama had closed in on Mitt Romney’s lead among decided voters.  However, on this very same day, another prominent polling firm, Mason-Dixon, announced it would no longer poll Florida, calling it 100% in favor of Romney.

Perhaps they jumped the gun a little given the polling results released yesterday, but their reasoning for doing so is actually pretty sound.

Mitt Romney is leading in Florida’s infamous I-4 Corridor by an average of 51% to 45%, with only 4% voters undecided.  Historically, elections in Florida are either won or lost depending on who wins this stretch across the central part of the state, from the Tampa Bay area to Daytona Beach.  This area has the most diverse demographic of voters, as well as a large constituency of independents, therefore making it the most volatile of regions in the state. Continue reading