Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Iowa Votes Starting to Solidify

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Just over a month away from election day voters are planting their feet in the ground on their side of the political line. Only two percent of undecided voters remain in the Hawkeye State.

According a poll by The Des Moines Register, this bodes poorly for Romney, who is currently four points behind Obama in Iowa. Romney’s chances of turning his game around are becoming fewer every day. As the pool of undecided voters narrows, so do Romney’s options.

Romney’s problem is that although people find him more fit to run an economy, that doesn’t mean they want him running the economy. They believe he cares more about making sure corporations make a high profit than about making sure the Average Joe can get a job.

Romney needs to make the connection between efficiency and humanity, and he needs to do it fast.

Assuming most voters have made up their minds, Romney’s best chance is not to turn undecideds in his favor, but to turn the enthusiasm in his favor. Just because Obama has more likely voters in his camp doesn’t mean that they’ll actually vote. If Romney can move some momentum in his favor, he can still dissuade Obama’s troops from marching.

The first battle cries will be yelled at Wednesday’s debate. If Romney can kick-start a genuine rally, he can still capture those six Iowa votes.


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