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Conservative “October Surprise” Fizzles Hours Before the Debates

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With only 5 hours until the Presidential Debates and punches are already being thrown.

A video released today by conservative news channel Fox News, has been touted as the “October Surprise” that the Romney campaign has been looking for.

The video is of an event in 2007, when then candidate Obama spoke to a black audience and mentioned that race relations in America still had a long way to go.

Despite the fact that Fox News and other conservative outlets are saying that this video contains new never heard before content that will impact President Obama’s campaign.

The only problem is- it doesn’t.

In response to the video’s release, numerous other media outlets, including CNN, have reported that the information in the video is, in essence, old news. Back in 2007, the video was widely covered by these outlets, but after a view days coverage ended because, well, it’s content wasn’t that controversial.

Take a look at the video and decide for yourself if this is the “October Surprise” touted by Fox News.


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