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Romney Produces Exclusive Ohio Ad

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Mitt Romney has Ohio in the center of his radar and is giving the Buckeye state the attention it needs with its own exclusive ad. In his new 30 second ad, ‘Ohio Jobs’, Romney briefly introduces his new plan to create 12 million jobs. Romney’s ad is a rebuttal to Obama’s ad released last week on ‘new economic patriotism’ (see a post on the ad here) that was released in battleground states. Obama’s ad was two minutes long and was able to into more detail about his initiatives to produce more jobs, but Romney uses the most of his 30 seconds.

For starters, the majority of the ad shows Romney in a manufacturing plant of sorts while he is in a button down shirt with no tie. This immediately resonates with middle-class voters in Ohio (whom both candidates are vigorously trying to win over) as Romney is usually seen in a suit and tie. Romney breaks his stereotypical stiff exterior and is very comfortable throughout the ad.

Romney attacks Obama, “Under President Obama we’ve lost over half a million manufacturing jobs” and also slips in the fact that he is ready to take on China in the global market. Romney then introduces his general plan to create 12 million new jobs, but focuses on producing America’s energy in Ohio.

This ad is a much needed step in the right direction for Romney and the middle-class in Ohio. The presidential hopeful is embracing his post debate bounce and using it to his advantage. Be sure to continue visiting the website to see what steps Romney takes in winning over Ohio voters.


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