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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Ohio: Post-Debate Polls

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Although polls don’t forecast a clear leader and can be flawed, the fact that Ohio is a battleground state makes it necessary to follow recent polls. Read more for Obama-Romney updates in Ohio.


Who: Rasmussen Reports Poll

When: October 4, 2012

Result: Obama 50 – Romney 49

Who: We Ask America Poll

Result: Romney 47 – Obama 46

Who: The Examiner – Absentee Ballot Research

When: October 4, 2012

Result: GOP has narrowed the difference between Democrats and Republicans in absentee ballot requests used for early voting in Ohio.

Who: NBC News/WSJ/Marist Poll

When: October 3, 2012

Result: Obama 51 – Romney 43

Who: AJC Survey of Jewish Voters

When: October 3, 2012

Result: Obama 64 – Romney 29

Although the race is still extremely close, Romney is closing his once wide gap he held in Ohio. Thanks to his performance at the first debate he has definitely experienced a post debate bounce. Be sure to come back for more updates on the presidential election in the battleground state of Ohio.


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