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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Obama to Light Two Candles with One Flame

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President Obama will make modern history today when he announces the creation of a monument to honor the late labor and civil rights activist, Cesar Chavez. The National Park Service told CNN that, the Cesar E. Chavez National Monument will become the 398th park in the National Park system, and the first since the 1700s to honor a Latino.

This announcement comes just one month before the election, when the race is extremely close between Romney and Obama in attaining the Latino vote in key swing states, like Nevada. The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, a coalition of 30 Latino organizations, was extremely vocal in their support of President Obama’s announcement of this monument.

Obama’s decision to set this land aside as a national monument sends an important political message to another group of voters as well – environmentalists. In 2008, this group came out in strong support of the President.  However, since 2008 their support has diminished. In 2011 The League of Conservation Voters President, Gene Karpinski, said that the President was “caving” into industry through his decisions on air quality regulations and the construction of a transcontinental oil pipeline. However today, LCV spokesman Jeff Gohringer said establishing the Chavez monument stands as “further proof of President Obama’s commitment to our special places across the country and we hope he continues to use that authority.”

The Obama Campaign is clearly not slowing down in their efforts to appeal to key constituents in the last month before the election – showing how close the race really is. Other recent efforts have included the performance of Grammy Award winning Mexican rock band Mana at an Obama rally in Nevada just before the debate and most recently Jon Bon Jovi performed a free concert at an Early Vote Event in Las Vegas sponsored by the Obama Campaign.


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