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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Big Bird Bites Back

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Today in Iowa a group of protesters dressed as sesame street characters made camp outside of a Romney campaign rally.

In response to Romney’s remarks in the debate about cutting funds to PBS, the protesters have taken the opportunity to add a little color and humor to the Romney opposition.

Some of the signs held by protesters included “Fight Big Banks Not Big Bird” and “This protest was sponsored by the number 47.”

Though hardly a game-changer, this protest does add some levity to the campaign. It also balances last week’s shoveler protesters in Iowa at Biden’s rally.

Of course, the republicans have countered by saying that this is merely a distraction from the actual issues. They are probably right, especially with the democrats releasing ads like this one:

Humorous as it may be, this ad falls into the realm of SNL, not serious politics. Personally, I don’t like what it says about the direction our political campaigns are headed.


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