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Black Vote May Be Deciding Factor for Obama In Virginia

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As Virginia continues to be a tight race for both the Obama and Romney campaigns, each key voting group has begun to wield more influence over this battleground state.

Although female voters seem to be the biggest influential voting bloc for the presidential race in VA, the black vote in VA may very well prove to be what puts Obama over the edge to win Virginia.

While previously a Republican stronghold, within the last two presidential cycles, Virginia has seen a demographic shift.

According to the Atlantic Black-Star,

With historically black universities from Hampton to Norfolk State University and a huge black population, the question in this region is less about people supporting Obama than making sure they turn out to vote on Election Day.

While this area of the state will impact support for Obama, the black population in Virgina outsizes the national average. The Atlantic Black-Star also reports:

Virginia currently holds 13 electoral votes, representing 8,096,604 citizens. Just under one-fifth at 19.8 percent of the population is African-American, about seven points larger than the national average. This is another major advantage for the president.

Only voter turnout and time will tell whether on not the black vote ends up truly impacting the electoral votes in Virginia.

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