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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

20 Days To Go: Colorado Still Undecided

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With a little under three weeks till election day, it appears as if the recent Presidential debates have done little to convince Colorado voters to back any one candidate.

Throughout the election year Colorado voters have remained indecisive, with polls fluctuating between both men. As November draws near however the margins between Romney and Obama have become tighter, with current polls showing Romney with a slight edge at 48% over Obama’s 47%.

While initially positive news, Romney’s 1% edge may change as polling results from the recent debate have not yet been released. But if history is any indication, movement from voters towards any one candidate will most likely be slight and not allow a definitive prediction of who will win Colorado in three weeks.

Both candidates reach equally important Colorado demographics, with Romney garnering support from Caucasians, military families and gun owners and Obama being supported by women, Latinos and the lower class.

With every electorate vote counting this election and with no definitive leader in the Rocky Mountain State, both candidates will need to work to the last moment to maintain their base and garner votes from undecided voters who truly wield the power this election.

My prediction? Though Obama carried it in 2008, I think that this year Colorado may go to Romney. Over the past few weeks polls have indicated a consistant, albeit slight, Romney lead. However, independently- minded Colorado voters may change their mind in the next few weeks, so any current predictions must be taken with a grain of salt.

Here’s an opinion piece about the impact the ‘frontier state’ will have during this election. Take a look! Click Here.


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