Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

President Obama Facing the Issues

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The state of the economy has proved to be a weakness for President Obama during the election. A key theme of the Republican campaign trail narrative is that the President’s record with the economy is troubled, with policies that have not stimulated sufficient economic growth or employment. After months of opponents and political pundits pummeling him on the economy, the President has decided to fight back and face this issue head on with a new television advertisement addressing the economy in key battleground states, including Nevada.

With the economy showing signs of improvement just weeks before the election, this seems to be an ideal time for the President to directly address this issue in key states. However, the campaign understands that the economy still has a way to go. In this advertisement, the Obama campaign is walking the tight line between praising recent developments in the economy and recognizing there is still work to be done as many Americans are still out of work.

This advertisement uses emotional appeals by “real Americans.” Individuals are telling their own stories about how President Obama’s work with the middle class has helped them. These heart-felt stories are an attempt to depoliticize the issue of the economy and instead personalize progress with American faces. Perhaps the most telling line of the advertisement comes towards the end when a man says, “Stick with this guy. He will move us forward.” This statement is recognizing that the American economy still has plenty of room to grow while at the same time restoring faith that President Obama is the best equipped to help guide America into economic prosperity.


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