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Michigan, Still Safe Obama

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While many states are still gridlocked, Michigan can be a safe spot for the President to pick up some much needed electoral votes. While there has been some movement in favor of Governor Romney, it is simply not enough to move the state.

According to this graphic from the 538 Blog, it is pretty apparent that the President is relatively safe. Real clear politics also reports that all major polls have Obama ahead by 3-7 percentage points.

This of course also reflects how many are feeling about the current Senate race that is ongoing. Since both of these elections are likely to go to the incumbent democrats running, much of the time and energy that would have been concentrated here has been moved elsewhere, to states like Ohio or Virginia.

Overall, the reason for an Obama win is simple. Detroit, Michigan is his beacon of economic hope. Unlike Governor Romney, who said “let Detroit fail,” Obama used his stimulus plan that eventually, as his team is marketing it, saved hundreds of thousands of jobs. Furthermore, many pro-Romney groups have gone “dark” according to The Hill.

“Conservative groups backing Mitt Romney have stopped airing ads in Michigan, an indication that Republicans might see the state as a likely win for President Obama in November.

Pro-Romney groups are pulling money out of Michigan, the state where Romney was raised and his father was governor, though they are continuing to spend money elsewhere to help the Republican nominee, according to The Associated Press.

The last pro-Romney ad to air in Michigan came from the super-PAC Restore Our Future during the Olympics, the AP found.

Obama’s campaign, and a super-PAC that backs him, has also gone dark in Michigan.

Polling in Michigan has been trending in Obama’s direction. The most recent average of polls from Real Clear Politics gives the president a lead of 2.4 points.”

Of course, there is still time left in the election. But, it is highly unlikely Romney can win over labor unions and corporations like GMC before November 6th.

So, the Destination 270 forecast sides with the President picking up Detroit Rock City this November.


Author: savvystephens

A history major trying to find out what the lessons of life are.

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