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Race In Virginia Heats Up

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With just 20 days left until election day, Virginia remains hotly contested.

It is still not clear who the front-runner in Virginia is, though according to RealClearPolitics the averages between the polls show that Obama is leading by.8 % of the vote.

Both campaigns are aggressively courting the vote in Virginia as both candidates have appeared in the state numerous times over the past few months.

As Romney closes the gender gap in national polls, courting the female vote in Virginia has become even more important to both campaigns in order to take the state.

Energy issues have also emerged as a relevant concern of Virginian voters as the coal industry has struggled recently. As energy policy has appeared during the debates, the impact on concerned voters is critical.

Although the black vote may help Obama, there is concern over voter apathy and whether or not that voting bloc will be enough to push him to victory.  

The economy still remains a top issue for Virginia voters even as the focus shifts to women’s rights and education policy. Particularly as Virginian’s fears grow over the deficit debate in Congress, the candidate who alleviates concerns over the future of the economy will resonate most with voters as potential budget cuts would change their entire economy.

Although Romney has closed the gap in Virginia, especially from before the Republican National Convention until now, the stakes remain as high as ever as both campaigns march full steam ahead to secure a victory in this key state.Virginia looks like it is heading in Obama’s favor, but as the days dwindle, each vote will be crucial in deciding who wins the state.

Check back over the next few days for full election coverage.


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