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Indiana Governor Debate- Round 2

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Last night, the three candidates for Indiana governor faced off in the second of three debates. After no candidate had a clear win in the first debate, all three were hoping to score a victory in this debate.

Both Democrat John Gregg and Libertarian Rupert Boneham went into the debate with a lot on the line. Republican Mike Pence is the clear leader in the polls, meaning that Gregg and Boneham need to quickly close the gap in less than three weeks for a chance of winning.

After the debate was over, many news organizations declared Gregg the winner of the debate. Although no polls were taken by local Indiana newspapers, reporters came to the conclusion that Gregg stayed on the attack the most throughout the debate.

On top of this, Gregg had the greatest emotional appeal to voters. A single mother of three, working as a waitress and pursuing a degree at a local university, asked the candidates what they will do to help people in situations like her. While Pence talked about supporting traditional families, Gregg discussed including all families since he is a single parent of two children.

This exchange seemed to be the strongest moment for Gregg so far in the debates and the race. He was able to connect with voters in a way that he has not done before, since this was the first time he has mentioned his personal life in the race. Although this may not close the gap enough before Election Day, Gregg now has a better chance of moving forward in the race for the Governor’s seat.

The entire debate can be viewed online at C-SPAN. The next debate will be held Thursday, October 25, the final debate for the candidates. With Gregg coming out strong in this debate, the final debate now holds much more importance to the voters of Indiana.  


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