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McCaskill v. Akin: Round 2

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With all the debates happening recently, everyone is watching the polls.  Republicans will think that their candidate won, while Democrats will think the opposite.  While both sides contest the veracity of the others’ claims, people still give the polls a lot of legitimacy.  In the heated Senate race in Missouri, both candidates, McCaskill and Akin, have released polls that show themselves in the lead.  On Monday, Akin released a poll that showed him with a four point lead, and then on Tuesday, McCaskill released a poll showing a 14 point lead in her favor.  Every where you look, there is a different poll number, saying either Akin or McCaskill is in the lead; at this point, you could just pick what you want to believe. 

In yesterday’s final debate, McCaskill and Akin discussed Medicare, immigration, and the national debt.  Surprisingly enough, Akin’s comments on “legitimate rape” were not addressed at all.  Akin attacked McCaskill for supporting Obama, which seemed like an outright effort to turned the state’s largely Republican base against her. 

What’s interesting is that McCaskill has voted with Obama 98% of the time.  This leads me to wonder if the voters in Missouri connect their vote for McCaskill with a potential vote for Obama.  Considering that Romney is expected to win Missouri, what effect do you think this presidential sentiment will have on the Senate race?


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