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Romney Moves Out of North Carolina

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The Romney campaign is moving out of North Carolina.  Based on information such as polling, the GOP has decided they are comfortable enough in the swing state to focus their energies elsewhere. Staffers are being moved around like chess pieces. Robert Reid, who is the Romney spokesperson for North Carolina, is transferring to Ohio.

The GOP should feel confident about winning North Carolina. As I’ve stated in earlier blogs, the political conditions of the state are swaying right.

That’s not to say the Obama campaign won’t try to attack this move—they have already.  Ben LaBolt, Obama spokesperson, tweeted his take on the campaign shift: “Interesting that the GOP is pulling out of NC the day early vote begins and Obama supporters are lined up around the block at poll.”

However, North Carolina was a necessity for Romney from day one. Now that the state’s 15 electoral votes look like they’re in the bag, the Romney campaign can concentrate on other more decisive states.


One thought on “Romney Moves Out of North Carolina

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