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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Supermajority in Indiana State Legislature?

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The Indiana General Assembly consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House has 100 members, while the Senate has 50 members. In the last election, Republicans gained a huge majority in both chambers, meaning that they could easily pass many pieces of legislation without bipartisan support.

Now, the Republicans are looking for a supermajority in the House. To do this, they need to control 67 of the 100 seats in the House. As the election currently stands, the Republicans have a pretty good chance of reaching 67 seats.

In the Senate, there is not likely much change in the number of seats. The Senate currently has 37 Republicans, which is a supermajority. Since Republicans are not likely to lose many seats, they will retain this supermajority in at least one of the legislative chambers.

One final issue in the state elections is third parties. The only third party that has made it onto any ballot is the Libertarian Party. This party actually has a strong base in the state, meaning it may pick up a seat or two.

The Libertarian Party has the potential to steal a supermajority away from the Republicans. They usually take votes away from the Republican base, allowing Democrats to win by only motivating their own base. Come November, we will know if Republicans gain this supermajority. If they can do that and maintain control of the executive branch, they will easily be able to pass the entire party platform.


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