Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Surrogates Saturated Wisconsin

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This last weekend, both Democratic and Republican surrogates flooded into Wisconsin before early voting began. For the Democrats, Bill Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama went to Green Bay and Racine respectively to urge voters to vote for the President as well as to vote.

Republicans including Senator Ron Johnson, former U.S. Representative Mark Green and national committee chairman Reince Priebus were on a bus tour through the state Friday and Saturday with the same purpose.

Clinton gave a part speech, part college lecture to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. He spoke on a variety of issues ranging from Medicare to student loans. Mrs. Obama in Racine told her audience of the importance of early and absentee voting, saying that one in five votes in Wisconsin cast for her husband in 2008 were from these two categories.

Surrogates, or people speaking on behalf of a candidate, play a very special role during campaigns. Audiences get tired of hearing candidates say how great they personally are. Surrogates however, are seen as credible sources of information because the praise for the candidate is coming from someone else.

Also, surrogates are valuable to campaigns because candidates cannot physically be everywhere they need to campaign. These surrogates are able to speak on the same points the candidate would have in places that the candidate cannot be in.


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