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More Money for Senate Races!

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With only two weeks to go until Election Day, the money continues to pour into several U.S. Senate races. Many of these races are close and could determine which party has control of the Senate, so each party is looking to win as many as possible. The increased role of Super PAC’s has made it much easier for individuals and organizations to indirectly contribute to campaigns.

Crossroads GPS has been one of the biggest funders of Republican Senate candidates so far in the election. The group has started a new ad campaign in several states, including Indiana. Overall, $8 million will be spent in the next two weeks before the election to run ads attacking Democratic candidates.

Almost every ad from a Super PAC attacks a candidate since they are not allowed to endorse candidates. Therefore, most of the ads are extremely negative. This is no exception in Indiana, where the ads have been getting more brutal as the election moves on. The number of ads in the state has also increased as the election gets closer.

The amount of money spent on the Indiana Senate race has raised criticisms from all sides. Democrat Joe Donnelly, who Crossroads GPS has been targeting, claims that the Senate seat is essentially being “sold” since so much money has been spent. This criticism also comes from Donnelly because he has been significantly outspent by his opponent, Republican Richard Mourdock.

The latest development in ads for the Indiana Senate race is an ad with Governor Mitt Romney. He has a high level of support in Indiana and will likely win the state in November. By supporting Republican candidate Richard Mourdock, he is hoping to convince his supporters to flock to Mourdock. In a Senate election as close as this one, even a few thousand extra votes could make the difference.

The U.S. Senate races across the country have seen record levels of spending this year. It seems to be the new norm in politics to outspend your opponent by large amounts to secure a win. Whether or not you agree with this, it is the reality of politics today. It is possible that campaign finance reform will again become a major issue in the next few years. For now, Super PAC’s, negative ads, and extreme amounts of spending will continue.


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