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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Candidates Drop in on Iowa

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Mitt Romney landed in Iowa today to a thunderous crowd. Both he and Obama, who was in Davenport this morning, are frantically hopping from swing state to swing state gathering all the last minute support they can. With Iowa an absolute toss-up at this point, nobody could blame either candidate for trying to pull those last few points still up for grabs.

The most recent polls show a statistical tie between the candidates. Now could be the most pivotal point for the candidates in Iowa.

As close as the polls seem to be tightening up, things look better for the republicans. Very soon we’ll be able to see how much the last debate slows Romney’s momentum, but I doubt the effect will be heavy enough to drag this upward swing back down.

The democratic strategy is still to hold tightly to their base and encourage early voting, whereas the republicans have been pushing harder with each day. And the push has been working. The enthusiasm for Romney has not faltered since the first debate. Obama has only been able to hold onto his lead as the momentum moves against him. With enough time, the republicans could take Iowa.

The only question now is whether two weeks is enough.


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