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Newby Ad Says “Criminals Best Beware”

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There may not be anything memorable about the name “Paul Newby,” but watch this political advertisement and you’ll be singing his jingle all day.

Paul Newby is running for re-election as NC Supreme Court Associate Justice. He is challenged by Court of Appeals judge Sam “Jimmy” Ervin IV.

The Newby ad, which is sponsored by an ambiguous super PAC called the North Carolina Judicial Coalition, features a singer playing a banjo and cartoonish criminals on the run from the“tough but fair” Supreme Court candidate.

The ridiculousness of the ad is refreshing from the ominous Morgan Freeman-like narrators and black and white scenes of the typical political ad. The song is a clever tactic for name recognition—it will get stuck in voters’ heads so they’ll be singing it on election day. NBC Charlotte investigated the amount the NC Judicial Commission spent on the ad and calculated it would be played a whopping 868 times.

That should do the trick.


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