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Obama Warns Las Vegans of “Romnesia”

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In 2008 President Obama achieved a landslide win in Nevada, changing the color of a state that historically voted Republican. However, the President’s loyal base in Nevada seems to be dwindling as the latest polls show Mitt Romney only two points behind Obama in the Silver State. On Wednesday evening, speaking to a crowd of 13,000 in Doolittle Park and to the tune of a Katy Perry performance, Barack Obama reminded Las Vegans why they voted for him in 2008 and why they should vote for him in two weeks instead of Mitt Romney.

Speaking about the final campaign push Obama told the crowd, “We are pulling an all-nighter. No sleep. And if you’re not going to sleep you might as well be in Vegas.” This all nighter is necessitated by the President’s tour through six swing states in three days. The electoral votes in these states are likely to be watched closely by all of America on November 6th . Their combined 82 electoral votes could be extremely decisive in the election, determining whether we are governed by an Obama or a Romney administration. Understanding the importance of every last vote in Nevada, Obama said to the crowd, ”I’ve come to Nevada to ask you for your vote. I’ve come to ask you to help me keep America moving forward.”

After Obama explained why he deserved their vote, he gave some advice on what Nevadans should do if they feel themselves coming down with a feeling of “Romnesia”. Obama told the crowd, “But Las Vegas, if you feel any symptoms … fever, or a ringing in your ears, blurred vision — not being able to remember what you said just last week? If it’s coming on, good news, is, we can fix you up,” he said. “Obamacare covers pre-existing conditions … There’s a cure, Nevada! All you gotta do is vote!”

Unlike Romney’s speech at a Henderson rally earlier this week, Obama did not offer Nevada any hard number estimates of employment improvements. However, Obama did outline a few special interests for Nevada in running through top line points of his economic plan. While speaking of his plan Obama said, “I don’t want solar panels made in China. I want them made here in Nevada.” Other goals he spoke of were ending tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas, cutting oil imports in half by 2020, and keeping college tuition low.

Perhaps the most obvious theme of this rally came through a 6-foot tall sign to the right of the stage that read, “VOTE EARLY!” Democrats have held a consistent lead in early voting in Nevada and likely hope to increase this lead after Wednesday night’s rally.

The next ten days leading up to election day will be crucial in deciding which candidate wins Nevada. Keep checking Destination 270, as I will be closely following all Nevada polls and political activity.


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