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Hurricane Sandy, Isaac’s Twisted Sister?

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Source: Reuters


It’s been branded the perfect storm, but is Hurricane Sandy President Obama’s October surprise?

Many have worried about the after effects of Hurricane Sandy since it was christened “Frankenstorm” late last week.  “This is really going to be a huge storm and something unprecedented in meteorological terms,” AccuWeather forecaster Marshall Moss told the NY Daily News. “This storm will affect millions and cost billions.”

But what does that mean for Election Day?

The Washington Post released an article on the 29th that listed places where voter turnout could be significantly lower than expected. In no particular order, the list included Philadelphia, Boston, Southwest Virginia, Costal North Carolina, and Northern and Eastern Ohio.These places significantly affect both campaigns for very different reasons. For example, Boston is home to the Romney campaign, Rural Virginia is where Romney was hoping to pick up a large portion of Republican votes Northeastern Ohio is where Obama largely won and was able to carry the state in ’08.

Basically, this is a logistical nightmare for both candidates. With shockwaves being felt from Sandy all the way from Florida to the midwest, it is unclear if anyone has an advantage at this point.

To only add to the chaos, Pew Research has released a new poll showing both candidates in a dead heat among likely voters: 47/47. However, along with this Pew highlighted a major shift within the Romney tent. According to Pew, “Surveys over the past month have found Republicans becoming much more upbeat about the race and about Mitt Romney himself. More Republicans now see the campaign as interesting and informative. And compared with September, a greater proportion of Romney voters now say they are voting for him rather than against Obama.”

For now, it looks as if the election is in a perfect storm, and President Obama has found his October surprise a la mother nature. As always, Destination 270 will be keeping you up to date on on the cyclone that is our election.


Author: savvystephens

A history major trying to find out what the lessons of life are.

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