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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Colorado Springs: Catching the World’s Eye

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The Colorado Springs Gazette reported yesterday that international news corporation will base its American election coverage in Colorado Springs!!

A downtown snapshot of Colorado Springs, Colorado

This is an incredible thing for the city and El    Paso County (where Colorado Springs is location). With a population hovering just under 700,000, it’s surprising BBC passed on making metropolitan city Denver their election headquarters.

What would influence such a decision?

Well, according to Regan Morris, BBC’s West Coast producer, its the city’s ecclectic nature which attracted the eye of producers.

“We’re looking at the most interesting swing states,” Morris said.

Colorado has stayed in political purgatory for a majority of this election, staying neutral and with occasional leanings toward either candidate.

Rasmussen Reports show that as of October 22nd Romney was a favorite amongst voters, Romney 50% and 46%.

And while the numbers look good for Romney its not time to call it just yet. Colorado is still a Toss-Up, and if history is to be any indicator these polling results will not be permant, as only two weeks ago both men were tied.

Colorado voters- particularly voters in El Paso County- are independent thinkers, which explains why one candidate has not been able to make a complete sweep in the state.

It is this political independence that caught the BBC’s eye.

“We wanted to get out of the big city, and be somewhere interesting, there’s a diverse population there — the military, the religious community. It seems to have an independent streak.”

According to the Gazette, the selection of Colorado Springs shows the importance that El Paso county voters will have in this election.

Due to Hurricane Sandy, campaigning in Colorado has stopped abruptly (the Obama camp cancelled a campaign appearance). With the race 8 days away, and with Colorado leaning Romney, we’ll have to wait and see if Sandy hurt Obama’s chances to win Colorado.

Only 8 days to go! Stay tuned!



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