Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Sorry Sandy

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 If there was ever any question whether or not Nevada is considered a top priority for this year’s Presidential candidates, all one must do is look to President Obama’s current presence in the state despite the superstorm Sandy tearing through the Eastern Seaboard.

This Thursday, November 1, President Obama will hold a rally in North Las Vegas. The President is scheduled to speak at The Cheyenne Sports Complex, located right next to the College of Southern Nevada. The Obama campaign is likely hoping to capture the attention of many first time voters attending the College of Southern Nevada.

This is a pivotal time for a visit in the Silver State for President Obama. The election is in just six days and early voting ends Friday November 2 in Nevada. Clearly, the President is in his final campaign push hoping to capture Nevada just as he did in 2008. Check back later this week to catch up on what the President spoke to Nevada voters about during what will be one of his last campaign events in this crucial battleground state.


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