Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Welcome Back Romney!

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Presidential campaign TV ads are returning to Pennsylvania. Two pro-Mitt Romney Super PACs are buying more airtime and President Barack Obama’s campaign says it will respond with its own ads.

This means that TV ads in the presidential race are returning to Pennsylvanians’ TV sets in earnest for the first time in two months. The election is Nov. 6.

The pro-Romney group Restore Our Future plans to spend $2.1 million on ads in Pennsylvania starting Tuesday. The group has aired TV ads elsewhere attacking Obama and supporting Romney and Republican congressional Candidates.

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina says they’ll match Restore Our Future’s ad buy in Pennsylvania.

The real question is whose ads will have the most pull among these citizens. Will the lack of Romney presence previously in the election give him an added boost? Or will Obama continue to hold Pennsylvania and pull ahead on Nov. 6?


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