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McCaskill v. Akin: Round 3

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The battle for women voters seems to have drifted from the presidential race into the Senate race in Missouri.  After Akin’s infamous “legitimate rape” comment, McCaskill has been capitalizing on her advantage among women voters, but now, each side has their own appeal to women.

McCaskill’s ads focus on instilling fear in what Akin would do if elected, playing off this idea that he is completely out of touch with women and frankly, completely wrong.  Her ads are testimonials, focused on attacking Akin’s viewpoints and legitimacy.  Akin’s ads focus on the family and manages to transition it to the economy.  He states that a strong family leads to a stronger economy, and he claims that he will boost the economy by creating jobs.

While Akin is firing away with new ads, McCaskill is has stopped campaigning to care for her sick mother, who passed away two days ago.    Her mother,  Betty Anne Ware McCaskill, was the first woman elected to the Columbia, Missouri City Council, and she has played an active role in all of her daughter’s campaigns.

Akin has released a statement sending his condolences to the McCaskill family.  With less than one week to go, we will see how McCaskill jumps back into the campaign trail despite her current circumstances.


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