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Mitt Romney Has A Secret Weapon Too

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Last week the talk on the campaign trail in Nevada was Harry Reid’s mobilization of his political machine in support of President Obama’s reelection campaign. That message was clearly heard by the Romney campaign as now Mitt Romney too has unveiled a secret weapon in the state. Romney’s timing could not be better as, there is less than a week to go until Election Day, just three days away from the close of the early voting period in Nevada and the polls for the state are the closest they have been at any time during the campaign (RealClearPolitics shows Obama with just a 1 point lead).  Keep reading to learn whom this secret weapon is and how he could reshape Romney’s campaign in Nevada.

Nevada Republican Governor, Brian Sandoval, has quietly supported Romney throughout the campaign. However, on Tuesday October 30, Sandoval cut a television ad in support of Mitt Romney. The ad will help to deliver the campaigns closing argument as Romney is giving everything he has just one week before Election Day.  In the ad, Sandoval is speaking directly at the viewer as he discusses the state of Nevada’s economy and says that Obama’s policies “have hindered an economic recovery.” The ad is accompanied with uplifting music and shots of Romney in Nevada speaking to the middle class. Sandoval belabors the point in the ad that Romney is for a strong middle class, a message that the Obama campaign has tried to dismiss in Nevada. To end the advertisement, Sandoval assertively states, “I’m confident that Nevada’s best days are still ahead. As President, Mitt Romney will help lead the way.”

This is an important endorsement as Sandoval is an extremely popular politician in Nevada and in the past has put significant effort into bolstering the campaign of down ticket Republicans. However, to date in this election, Sandoval had done little to publicize his support of Mitt Romney.

Some were even beginning to question Sandoval’s support of Romney. Just one week ago Pete Ernaut, one of Sandoval’s top political advisors, went on record to predict that Romney would likely lose Nevada to President Obama. However, all those questioning Sandoval’s support can now put those queries behind them as Sandoval is beginning to spend his own political capital in support of Romney.  Sandoval is tweeting his support, it has appeared on mailers and most recently the new television advertisement.

Sandoval’s endorsement could also prove to be extremely helpful for Romney in winning over the influential Latino vote in Nevada. Sandoval was the first Hispanic candidate elected to a statewide office in Nevada. Sandoval’s positive influence and respect within Nevada’s Hispanic community has been demonstrated through numerous honors and awards. Some of these awards include the Hispanics in Politics 1996 “Broche de Oro Award”, The Anti – Defamation League’s 2003 “Torch of Liberty Award” and The Latino Coalition’s 2004 “most Influential Hispanic in the U.S. Award.” Sandoval’s influence with Latino’s could be decisive as this is a bloc that supported President Obama overwhelmingly in 2008 and whose unwavering support the President’s reelection campaign is counting on this year.

Polls in the next few days and surely Friday after the end of the early voting period will show whether or not Sandoval’s endorsement is providing the push in the polls that many Republicans are hoping for. Keep checking Destination 270 for the most recent poll information regarding Nevada.



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