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Obama Widens Lead in Nevada with 5 Days to Go

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According to a new poll taken today by the Las Vegas Review Journal, Obama has widened his lead over Romney and is now ahead by 4 points. Both campaigns are pushing hard to the finish in the Silver State as both President Obama and Representative Paul Ryan spoke in Nevada today. Paul Ryan gave a speech in  Washoe County. Washoe County will likely prove to be an extremely decisive county in Nevada on Election Day. Romney is also expected to return to Nevada before Election Day, working to boost GOP voter turn out to counter a Democratic ballot advantage during the two week early voting period that ends tomorrow. Has this lead ended Romney’s momentum in the Silver State? Keep reading to find out. 

Obama was also leading Romney among those who said they already voted by 6 points, 52-46, according to the SurveyUSA poll commissioned by the Las Vegas Review-Journal and 8NewsNow.

However, there is still hope for Romney as he was edging Obama, 47-46, among voters who said they planned to cast ballots on Election Day. But, it still seems to be an uphill battle in Nevada for Romney as Democrats outpace Republicans in early and absentee voting by 35,000 ballots statewide. Romney also must expand his lead in Northern Nevada’s Washoe County and among independents to upset Obama, who is leading 53-42 in populous Clark County. Currently, Romney is ahead in Washoe County by two points.

Pollster Jay Leve believes that the race is too close to call right now in Nevada despite the slight “tailwind” Obama is currently experiencing in the state. Check back this weekend for a full report on the state of the race in Nevada after the close of early voting tomorrow.


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