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Washington Governor Race to the Finish: McKenna vs Inslee

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McKenna is hoping to become the first Republican governor of Washington state since 1985. He might actually have a chance too.

Both Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna and Democrat Jay Inslee, a former eight-term congressman, are in a race to the finish to succeed two-term Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire, who decided against running for re-election.

 The Real Clear Politics poll suggests Inslee only a +0.3 lead over challenger McKenna making this race for Washington governor considered one of the closest in the country. While Inslee enjoys a slight lead of 48.7 percent to McKenna’s 45.6 percent among the 632 likely voters contacted in the KCTS Washington Poll.

Both challengers have done a great job raising money and outside supporters are financing ad wars that “frequently distort the records and positions of both candidates.” As of mid October both candidates raised about 9 million dollars each.

The News Tribute says “Inslee’s allies want to tie McKenna to positions of the national Republican Party, including several that he does not share – such as support for cuts that could hit education and opposition to legal abortion. [While] McKenna’s supporters are highlighting an Inslee plan to change the way state pension funds are invested – a proposal he dropped after the idea ran into opposition.”

On other matters, Inslee still is lined up at with his party like supporting President Obama’s healthcare reform. The News Tribute highlights all the differences each candidate has on each of the issues.

In the ad wars, McKenna slams Inslee’s plans for reorganizing state government agencies. In Inslee’s ads, he rips at McKenna’s support to changes in property taxes, even though the changes are supported by several state Democrats.

One article from Herald Net noted that the political science professor Larry Sabato’s latest crystal ball ratings gives the election to Inslee in the close battle.


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