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Whispers of Biden Bid in 2016

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Yesterday in Iowa, a few verbal missteps and shout outs hinted at the idea of Biden running in 2016.

Although Biden lost to Obama in ’08, and could lose to the Romney-Ryan ticket in ’12, a presidential run is far from impossible for the current VP.

In Iowa, Biden was welcomed by the shouts of one woman yelling “you’re our man in 2016.” Biden didn’t acknowledge her.

Then, in the Obama campaign office, Shannon Holle accidentally referred to Biden as “President Biden.” He then laughed, saying, ““2016! You’re my president, you know that!”

Although these tiny slips will be quickly ignored, Biden made one of his own in Florida. According to, Biden said to one voter, “You’ll vote for me in 2016.”

If Obama wins this election, Biden will be an obvious choice for the 2016 ticket, much like Bush 41 or Al Gore were after their eight years as VP. However, even if he loses, the precedent has been set by other presidents who lost as VP that Biden could still run, though maybe not in 2016.


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