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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Obama Receives Two Major Endorsements

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This week Obama has caught a lucky break, or at least a few solid endorsements. This could give him the final bit of momentum he needs to grab a slim victory.

The first endorsement came from The Economist, though it was reluctant at best. The Economist gave Obama an enthusiastic endorsement in 2008. Since then, The Economist has been less than impressed with much of Obama’s time in office. They essentially gave Obama a collective “meh” on his performance so far.

However, Romney’s flip-flopping has turned them off enough to give their support to Obama.

The second endorsement came from Mayor Bloomburg of New York City. Though the independent Bloomburg has been critical of both candidates throughout this election, The mayor gave an endorsement to Obama in light of the president’s handling of Hurricane Sandy.

Though it might not make a difference in a state like New York that would be going blue anyway, an independent supporting Obama certainly won’t hurt him. The president could use all the support he can get as the election draws to a close.


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