Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

The Celebrity Game: Rock and Rap

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Monday November 5 will not be a normal first day of the work week for some people in Wisconsin and Ohio. The Obama campaign has announced that Bruce Springsteen will perform and introduce President Barack Obama in Madison, Wis. Obama and Springsteen will then travel together to Columbus, Ohio, for another event with rapper Jay-Z. Later that evening the First Lady will join in on the festivities in Iowa for the last campaign event.

Obama is relying on his celebrity connections for his last GOTV efforts. A rapper who appeals to young voters and majority of minorities, and a rock singer who holds the hearts of older white voters can be seen as the perfect concoction to appeal to as many demographics as possible. Rather than denouncing celebrities obvious affinity with Obama, his campaign has accepted the fact that Obama is not only viewed as a politician, but a celebrity. Obama’s staffers aren’t just bringing these artists out to host events, he is actively involving them in the campaign process. From hosting fundraisers with Eva Longoria and having the ultimate superstar, Beyonce, pen a letter to First Lady Obama praising her as an inspiration, the obama campaign has played the celebrity game perfectly.

After all of the celebrities leave, the Obamas will return to Chicago on Tuesday where they will witness the outcome fo the election.



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