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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Vilsack Could Make Iowa History

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Steve King has had no easy time in the district four congressional race. The incumbent has found a feisty challenger in Christie Vilsack who has kept her republican opponent on his toes.

While the polls still favor King, Vilsack is still fighting and still has a chance of taking office. If she does, though, not only will it be an incredible upset, but also a historic moment for Iowa as a whole.

If she wins, Christie Vilsack will become the first woman Iowa elects to congress. Iowa is one of four states to never have elected a woman to House or Senate, which is odd considering the states progressive history.

In 2009, Iowa became the third state to recognize same-sex marriage. Iowa banned slavery 26 years before the civil war and banned segregated schools 85 years before most of the nation. More than that,  the first female attorney admitted to the bar in the United States came from Vilsack’s own hometown.

Vilsack has been campaigning harder than every in these final hours. Her chances of winning aren’t terrible. Real Clear Politics is calling this one a toss-up, though it favors King. We’ll see if this election becomes even more historical.


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