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Key Times for Key Races: a brief breakdown of Election Day Polling Times

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With the exception of Colorado and Nevada, most of the key swing states are within the East Coast time zone or the Central time one. However, each state has different rules regarding polling time closures. Here is a breakdown of polling closures, all in central time.

6 p.m. Virginia.
6:30 p.m. CST: Ohio and North Carolina.
7 p.m. CST: Florida, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania.
8 p.m. CST: Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin.
9 p.m. CST: Iowa, Nevada.
Depending upon the variance between exit polls and expectations, the media will be calling the elections within hours of the West coast polling closures.
For those of you reading this within the Dallas area, I have attached two very important links. 
The first you may use to locate the polling location in which you are registered. You may search using your driver’s license number or your first and last name:
This website will inform you of your Precinct number. 

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