Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Last Minute Obama Campaigning in NC

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Michelle Obama spoke at a rally today for her husband.  The rally took place at an airplane hangar and singer Mariah Carey lent some of her star quality to the event.

The First Lady sought to energize last minute undecided voters, saying, “I know many of you will be voting tomorrow…We are reaching out to voters who will keep this country moving forward for four more years.” She also reminded the audience “what we have to realize is that change is hard. We know life is hard. But if we keep fighting that good fight, we will get there. We always do…Elections are always about hope.” 

Obama also made a point that her husband won by around 5 votes per precinct in the 2008 election, further solidifying her point of the importance of voting this year. 

Bill Clinton also endorsed the President in Raleigh on Sunday at a park that drew around 4,000 people, touting Obama’s policies as being best for North Carolina.

The previous Friday, Jill Biden and her daughter Ashley Biden spoke at an Obama campaign office in Huntersville. She discussed the war in Iraq as well as Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Some might wonder why the Obama campaign is still working in North Carolina—most polls show Romney leading by a couple of points.  The Romney campaign even transferred some of its key campaigners to more critical states like Ohio. However, the Obama campaign is sticking to its grassroots spirit.  Obama was the presidential candidate to swing the Tar Heel State blue after seven straight elections going to the GOP.  The Obama campaign is looking to repeat 2008, hopefully with a wider margin than that elections 14,000 votes.  Still, the actual President is not slated to visit North Carolina, which may be a sign that the campaign knows North Carolina is not the most critical state in search for the magical 270 electoral votes.


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