Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Mitt, Obama, Cars, and China

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The Buckeye state is pivotal in this election, and the campaigns specific tactics of persuading voters proves that statement. At an Ohio rally, President Barack Obama criticized presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, of false statements during a radio ad ran in the Toledo area of Ohio

The attack accused the Obama administration of selling out Chrysler employees to China. The ad also says the president sold the company to Italians, since the Italian automaker, Fiat, is now the majority owner. Fiat plans to move production from the United States to China. As a result of this ad, Obama noted the false concern among many Ohio residents,

“You’ve got folks who work at a Jeep plant who have been calling their employers, worried, asking is it true, are our jobs being shipped the China? And the reason they’ve been getting these calls is that Governor Romney is running an ad that says so. It’s not true. Everybody knows it’s not true. The car companies themselves have been telling Governor Romney to knock it off.”

Both campaigns want to appeal to middle-class voters, and what is more middle class than working at an automobile plant? Pinpointing a sector that affects the Ohio economy tremendously and scaring voters into thinking their livelihood could be taken away is most certainly an effective way to pull at the heartstrings of voters. However, if the attack is false then it just serves as another unethical way to gain voters.


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