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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Obama Has Edge In Iowa

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With only a day left in the election, Obama has pulled ahead of Romney, according to a poll by The Des Moine Register.

The poll has Obama ahead by five percentage points, a more substantial lead than he has had in several weeks. If the polls are right, then Obama should be able to count on those six vital electoral votes from Iowa. However, how safely can the public trust this poll?

It’s a pretty safe bet actually. The Des Moine Register recently endorsed Romney, so they should have no reason to skew this poll in Obama’s favor. More than that, nearly every other poll has Obama up by several points. Only the Rasmussen Report has Romney leading, but only by one point.

The turnout could end up being different from the polls, but this final lead combined with Obama’s final stop in Iowa today should prove to seal the deal for him. The upset isn’t out of the question, but a Romney victory would be just that: an upset.


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