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Proposition 2: Michigan’s Constitutional Amendment

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While various members of government are up for re-election this year, its time to turn our attention to inanimate things that can be as influential as an officeholder: Propositions. This year, Michigan will be voting to add the right of collective bargaining into the state constitution. Known as Proposition 2, this vote would be a huge win for the unions. But lets look at what each side is saying about this controversial vote.

First up, we have the “vote yes” group. Watch this video and see what they have to say about why Michigan should amend their constitution.

Vote YES on Prop 2

This ad, generally speaking, is very general. However, the “vote no” group is able to hone in on exact reasons why they are against the amendment in an ad they call ‘school safety.’

School Safety

As you can see, the naysayers are pretty good about eliciting and disseminating fear to turn people away from the proposition.

The polls aren’t exact on this vote, according to the Examiner. Instead, the vote could go either way.

“The Free Press poll showed Proposal 2 to be losing by four points (42% to 46%), within the poll’s 4.4% margin of error. The News, in contrast, reported a clear majority against the initiative to have collective bargaining rights added to the state constitution (36.3% to 52.5%).”

Until tuesday night, both sides of this vote will be watching closely to see if the Constitution needs amending any time soon. Until the last vote is counted, be sure to check in on Destination 270 to see how this vote, and every other election are going.


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