Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Rock the Vote: We Will

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Celebrities speak out on an issue above partisan politics in favor of patriotic responsibility.

As a student of both political science and communication I have learned the effects of media on public opinion and public action. The media is the ultimate agenda setter. Regardless of opinion, by merely talking about an issue, a candidate or an election itself, that affects the salience of that issue or that candidate or that election on the public.

Contrary to popular belief, the youth vote in 2008 was not significantly higher than years’ past. In fact, a spike amongst voter turnout within the youngest cohort occurred after MTV’s widely popular rock the vote campaign in 1992 produced the highest voter turnout amongst 18-29 year olds of all time.

That said, Rock the Vote Campaigns on college campuses across the United States have had a drastic impact on mobilizing the nearly immobile.
Their website provides links to research, polls, polling information and voter registration information.


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