Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

The Many Ways to the White House

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As election day closes in, the next President of the United States is still an unknown variable. For those who are trying to figure out who that person might be, don’t worry. The New York Times recently released a new infographic detailing the many ways in which either candidate could win the White House. And its a lot. 512 to be exact.

This map lays out all the potential ways to victory. Obama is sitting comfortably with 431 ways to win. (approximately 84.2%) And Romney makes up most of the rest with 76 ways to win. (14.8%)

However, if you do the math, that means that there are still 5 (approximately 1%) of the ‘paths’ left. And those paths end in a tie.

So, while its highly improbable, this election could end in a stalemate. Which of course, would be our luck given this has been one of the closest elections we have seen in recent history.

In the end, when we all wake up on Wednesday morning we have a 99% chance of having a President elected. But until then, play around on this map provided by the Times and be sure to check in on Destination 270 with any and all information about November 6th.




Author: savvystephens

A history major trying to find out what the lessons of life are.

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