Destination 270

SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

Twitter’s Political Engagement Map

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Twitter is known as an outlet to express personal opinions, but it also offers tremendous insight into the minds of voters for this election. Twitter recognized the significant power of their users and decided to create a contraption to aid in the 201 election. Thus, the Twitter political engagement map was born. Overall, it is an interactive map that displays how Twitter users are reacting to tweets from@BarackObama and challenger@MittRomney.

The Post’s Natalie Jennings looked specifically at swing states which included Ohio. She found that,

“Tweets from both candidates about taxes got the strongest reactions, though Obama’s message saying his opponent’s plan would raise taxes on the middle class was passed around much more than a Romney message pledging to bring 12 million jobs back to the state.”

The map allows users to search by state and filter reesults via keyword. By typing words or phrases like “GM,” “Ohio,” or “Auto Industry” into the search box, users can find tweets that interest them.

All of this culminates in the daily “Twindex” that compiles tweets from the day to give a poll result of sorts for both of the candidates. As of November 5, Obama leads Romney 59-53 in the “Twindex”. Witness the integration of social media into politics at


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