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SMU Students Analyze the 2012 Presidential Election

What will the Candidates Be Doing on Election Day?

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President Obama and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney will stay true to form tomorrow, as they spend what is perhaps the most important day of each of their lives in two very different manors.

What will they be doing?

President Obama plans to continue his tradition of playing basketball on Election Day, a spokeswoman for his campaign told The Hill.  The President and his family will spend the day at their home in Chicago, where they also plan to vote. The Obama’s are opting to take it easy this Election Day, with no plans to leave the state of Illinois and no plans for any final campaign push or rallies.

On the other hand, the Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney, plans to play straight to the buzzer, with stops in Cleveland and Pittsburgh scheduled for tomorrow.  These stops have only been recently added to Romney’s campaign, alluding to the intense pressure he feels to win one or both of these key swing states.  Given the electoral breakdown in the most recent polls, Romney must win both of them if he wants to take the presidency.  Mr. Romney and his wife will begin the morning at their home in Massachusetts, where they plan to vote before heading off on their final campaign push.

Vice President Joe Biden and his wife plan to vote at their home in Delaware before flying to Chicago to be with the President and the First Lady.  Similarly, Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan and his wife will vote from their home in Janesville, Wisconsin before heading off to be with the Romney’s.


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